Biden Spends More Than One-Fourth Of His Time On Vacation

As of his New Year’s trip to the Delaware coast last weekend, Joe Biden has been on vacation from the White House for 95 days in his first year as president. That’s more than 27 percent of the time he has been “on duty,” such as it is.

Biden only waited two and a half weeks after being sworn in before his first trip back to the familiar sights of Delaware. In contrast to the treatment the corporate media gave President Trump any time he was on the road, Biden’s “family and personal time” spent shuffling back and forth to Delaware, and Camp David are celebrated.

With every trip he makes to Delaware, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control must completely shut down the areas where he travels. Local law enforcement and residents are forced to deal with the inconvenience Biden causes to his neighbors with every trip.

By last October, Biden had made no fewer than 25 trips to Delaware, none of which appear to have been “working” vacations. He reportedly had taken time from vacation to do any work only once. He visited Dover Air Force Base when the 11 service members killed in the suicide bomb attack outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan returned to the United States. Most will remember that as Biden was repeatedly seen checking his watch as if he were anxious to get back to the basement.

Biden also has not had time to visit the southern border, even as he has opened it up to all comers, and the numbers of illegal border crossers are hitting record highs.

The elite staffers and politicians who manage and operate the Biden Administration may well find Biden makes the ideal president when he is away on vacation. That may even explain why it appears they have been happy to throw Vice President Kamala Harris outside of the protection zone. Biden’s complicity in playing a role and following instructions while his handlers plan out their next move probably suits them just fine.