Biden Says There Is “No Excuse” For Not Taking The Jab

Joe Biden took yet another stand in his continuing narrative that the country faces a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” on Tuesday, as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments on his far-reaching vaccine mandates on Friday. This week he went so far as to suggest that American parents should not let their children go near anyone unvaccinated.

In response to the backlash from the American public to his vaccine mandates, Biden has told the public that they are in for a “winter of severe illness and death,” blaming the unvaccinated for deaths and crowded hospitals.

Biden told citizens to get vaccinated and get one of the great booster shots. He added that the rising number of COVID cases depends on each person’s vaccination status. Biden went on to say that if someone is unvaccinated, they have “some reason to be alarmed,” as many will experience severe illness and “some will needlessly die.”

In blaming the unvaccinated, Biden said they are taking up hospital beds and causing crowding and delays in intensive care units and emergency rooms.

Biden failed to mention that Americans younger than 65 have a less than one percent risk of death from COVID infection when they do not have medical complications or that the Omicron variant is proving to be less dangerous than previous iterations of the virus.

Critics of the administration have commented that vaccine mandates have been an actual cause of health care facilities’ staffing shortages.

Consistent with many of the mandates that have led to firings and resignations because of the refusal to make any exceptions to the jab requirement, Biden told the country that there is “no excuse” for any person not to be vaccinated.

The administration’s strategy of relying exclusively on vaccines to end the COVID pandemic has proven problematic. More than 206 million Americans are currently considered “fully vaccinated.” Still, more Americans died between January and October of last year than in all of 2020.

Even though the scientific evidence indicates that school children are at no greater risk from Omicron than previous variants, Biden urged parents to vaccinate their children. He said that parents should wear masks to avoid giving COVID to their children. Biden also said that if kids are too young to receive the jab, parents should “surround” them with vaccinated people.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found a “mortality rate of zero” from COVID for children under 18 who do not have significant pre-existing conditions like leukemia.