Biden Returns To Luxury Vacation After 6-Hour Maui Visit

After spending just six hours in Maui, where at least 115 people are dead and more than 800 people remain unaccounted for following devastating wildfires, President Joe Biden returned to his luxury vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Biden’s entire response to the Maui wildfires has been filled with gaffes and outrageous comments, sparking intense backlash. From his “no comment” response to his attempt at joking about the temperature of the ground on the island and his appearing to fall asleep during an event honoring the victims, the president has been unable to escape criticism from people on both sides of the aisle.

Biden waited roughly two weeks after the wildfires began to finally visit Maui, arriving at the devastated neighborhood of Lahaina around noon local time on Monday. He later departed for the airport around 4 p.m., according to his schedule.

From there, he flew directly to Nevada to continue his vacation at billionaire climate activist and former Democrat presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s $18 million lakefront mansion on Lake Tahoe — where he is staying with his family, including his son Hunter.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, local Nevada officials are investigating complaints that Steyer may have violated local housing ordinances by renting out the mansion — though the White House claims that Biden paid a fair market price for his weeklong vacation in the billionaire’s mansion.

This is Biden’s second vacation this month, as he was already seen lounging on the beach in Delaware when the wildfires were still raging in Maui — prompting outrage from critics. As the president was leaving the beach, he smirked and told reporters “No comment” in response to questions about the wildfires. He later faced similar questions from reporters about the wildfires, to which he again smirked and refused to comment before heading to give a speech in Wisconsin before his scheduled vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Biden’s six-hour visit to Maui was not added to his schedule until after he faced pushback for his failure to respond to questions and for having multiple vacations scheduled during a crisis.

According to RNCResearch, Tuesday was “Biden’s 376th day on vacation since taking office — 39.8% of his presidency.”