Biden Designates Radical Liberals To Require Over FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is another federal bureaucracy that has outlived its usefulness for many years. As the telecommunications industry had grown in ways that were unimaginable when the FCC was created, its few remaining useful functions could easily be managed by other agencies better equipped to handle a more streamlined regulatory function.

Or course, the chance that the federal government will voluntarily close down an administrative agency is laughable. So, the FCC lumbers on while Joe Biden has announced two nominees to the commission. The FCC is made up of five commissioners, with one acting as chairman.

Since Biden assumed office, the FCC has had an open position and a 2-2 split between Republican and Democrat appointees as commissioners. As a result, the FCC has not implemented new internet and mass communications regulations that reflect the authoritarian leanings of the radical progressives running the White House.

Biden has now gotten around to nominating Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel to be the new chairperson. Rosenworcel is a current FCC member and has been serving as acting chair. Biden has also nominated progressive activist Gigi Sohn for the currently vacant fifth position. 

Commentators believe that Sohn’s hardcore leftist positions will dramatically impact the activities of the FCC. Sohn served as “Special Counsel for External Affairs” to the FCC chair during the Obama administration. When she served, the FCC was accused in 2014 of conducting secret meetings to involve itself in the merger that led to Comcast’s purchase of Time Warner.

It was alleged that the FCC secretly manipulated the merger to facilitate a broad new power grab under the guise of Net Neutrality. Sohn was involved in keeping proceedings shielded from view and helping the commission ignore legally required processes for public comments on policy changes.

Even as Joe Biden’s approval numbers are falling off the cliff and Democrats have been humiliated in Virginia in advance of next year’s midterms, the administration is making administrative appointments of Obama-era retreads who will be around for years to come.