Biden Likens MAGA Movement To ‘Semi-Fascism’

President Joe Biden attempted to rile up the faithful Thursday night when he threw out incendiary remarks against his Republican opposition. The Democrat likened the MAGA movement, or “Make America Great Again,” to “semi-fascism.”

Obviously this is the latest attempt to smear the GOP with some kind of committee-approved branding in hopes of making it stick. Not long ago it was “ultra-MAGA” that died a quick death, and the newest bumper-sticker attack is “semi-fascism.”

Speaking to a Democratic fundraiser at a Maryland home before heading to a kickoff rally at a high school, Biden foresaw the “death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy.” He claimed it’s not “just Trump” before digging up the old “fascist” pejorative.

Republicans, as could be expected, did not take the attack lying down. Nathan Brand, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, after the Thursday night lashing out by Biden called it “despicable.”

Brand hardly stopped there. He noted that Biden forced taxpayers away from their jobs, moved money from working class families to Ivy League lawyers, and launched a recession that plunged Americans into a struggle to pay for gas and groceries.

Biden did not stop there either. Previewing what will be the Democrats’ calling card through November and beyond, he asked if the audience would choose to move the country “forward or backward.” With the state of the economy, perhaps he should have been more specific.

He did take time, of course, to pat himself on the back for a laundry list of accomplishments. Most of them involve legislation that is “intended” to make something happen as opposed to moves that can show results.

For example, Biden boasted of White House efforts to prevent gun violence, increase spending on infrastructure, prop up domestic computer chip manufacturing, increase veterans benefits, bring down costs and tackle climate change.

All of which are noble, but precious few have any tangible results.

The endless efforts by the White House to brand Republicans with anything that will stick has now settled on “semi-fascist.” Name calling is not going to erase the failures of the Biden administration and congressional Democrats, and they know it as well as the GOP does.