Biden Leaves COVID Plan Unclear After Announcing Vaccine Mandate

At the outset of his speech announcing a sweeping federal vaccine mandate on Thursday, Joe Biden said that he would address the confusion surrounding his administration’s COVID policy. If that were true, he must have forgotten what he was talking about again.

Biden set the tone by blaming those who, for whatever reason, have not gotten the vaccination for continuing problems. He said we are experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

He went on to say that the fully vaccinated might need booster shots, even though they are “extremely well-protected” from death or hospitalization. Biden reaffirmed his view that immunizations are effective, although masking is more critical now than ever before.

Biden said very little directed toward the unvaccinated in asking them to get the vaccine, probably because his announcement wouldn’t leave much of a choice for them in any event. Anyone working for the federal government or any other employer with more than 100 workers in the United States is now subject to a law forcing them to police their workforce to need vaccination proof or weekly COVID testing.

As described in an editorial from Friday in the Washington Free Beacon, the Biden administration is being unclear with America about how effective the vaccines are and how complex breakthrough cases will be.

Even though the White House repeats “Trust the Science” as a mantra, there is no clear consensus about which officials are qualified to reveal the science to us. There are marked disagreements about how long vaccine immunity lasts and how well it works for older persons.

In addition, Biden takes no responsibility for any Americans being hesitant about getting the vaccine, even though it was his Democratic Party that cast extreme doubt on the same vaccines now being mandated when they were talking about the “Trump vaccine” last year.

Biden’s muddled approach confirms that the administration does not have a clear idea of what a victory condition over the delta variant would involve and, as a result, has no real plan for winning. As was the case in Afghanistan, whatever mess we end up with will be called “victory” by the White House.