Biden Lashing Out Over His Polling Data

Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been on a downward spiral for month after month now. Growing numbers of Americans are concerned about his leadership, reactions to various affairs, and ability to lead.

The president’s largely fallen out of favor with Independent voters, who are most recently polled as only being 19% supportive of him. This was not the case when Biden got into office. However, his leadership in less than two years has managed to severely alienate this critical voter bloc.

Currently, Democrats are turning on the president as well. The progressive group known as RootsAction actually voted to fight Biden politically if he doesn’t back down from his plans to seek reelection in 2024.

When asked about some of his latest poll numbers, though, the president got testy with the media.

Biden on His Crashing Support
On Tuesday, the president was questioned at the White House about a new poll showing that 64% of Democrats don’t want him to remain as the nominee in 2024. Biden responded to this by alleging these Democrats “want [him] to run.”

After angrily demanding for the press to “read the polls,” the president cited one poll that showed more than nine out of ten Democrats would vote to reelect him — if he was is Democratic nominee.

The president was quoting data from the New York Times/Siena College poll. Yet, he left out some key parts of this data. This same poll also reveals that only 26% of Biden’s own party thinks he should be the 2024 nominee.

Despite telling the media to “read the polls,” Biden made no mention of additional polls that show his support from minorities and young people crashing to new lows.

Why Are Democrats Coming Out Against Biden?
During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats went above and beyond to get Biden in office. But less than two years later, they’re now washing their hands of him.

Democrats have been expressly clear in explaining why things have changed. RootsAction, for instance, said Biden lacks inspiration, boldness, and the ability to lead in an effective manner.

Other Democratic officials who penned op-eds calling for the current president not to go for reelection have pointed out his age as problematic.

Seeing as Biden will turn 82 not long after the 2024 presidential election, some Democrats believe the party could benefit from younger leadership running things.

With the president’s approval ratings steadily getting lower and lower, there’s no telling where they may stand by the time 2024 arrives.