Biden Just Changed America’s Nuclear Policy

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden has shown disturbing levels of subservience to other nations. Even worse, he does this at the expense of America’s best interests.

Not long after Biden gutted America’s Keystone XL pipeline, he cleared the way for Russian President Putin’s beloved Nord Stream 2 pipeline to move forward.

On top of that, the president allowed for oil from our nation’s strategic petroleum reserves to end up in China’s possession. It goes without saying that Chinese communists are not handing over their emergency supplies to America.

However, a new measure taken by Biden is even more dangerous than most could anticipate. This measure involves changing our nation’s nuclear policy.

Another Bad Call From the Biden Administration
In the updated Nuclear Posture Review, the president opted to remove a stipulation for our country’s nuclear arsenal to exist as a safeguard against an unclear future.

This stipulation ensured that our country held certain nuclear weaponry at the ready. It was strategically kept in place during the Trump administration. Though late last month, Biden had it removed, doing this quietly to presumably avoid the negative press he is now facing.

This is yet another horrific foreign policy decision by the president that has serious ramifications.

The updated Nuclear Posture Review arrives as Russia, North Korea and China are growing more openly aggressive against the West. These regimes are also making sure they have as many nuclear weapons as possible at their disposal.

Though the US Defense Department — under the Biden administration — is already downplaying the severity of this update.

The World is Watching
As Biden compromises America’s national security interests and embarrasses us on the world stage, other nations are watching. This goes for allies and enemies alike.

Many people across the country are longing for the days when we had a president who put America first. During the Trump administration, the former president consistently showed other nations that he meant business.

Biden, meanwhile, shows more aggression against Trump supporters than he does toward autocratic foreign leaders making veiled threats against the West.

In light of this and the known business ties that Biden’s family has overseas — including in China — many Americans worry his interests could be compromised. At this point, what happens next is anyone’s guess.