Biden is Talking His Way Into World War III

At this point, it has become clear to the world that Biden is not equipped to handle foreign policy at all.

With his submission to the Taliban in 2021, Biden set the stage for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine one month ago. Since the invasion, the current president has not shown any strength.

Instead, he ordered the military to hold off on certain weapons tests for fear of further offending Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Putin couldn’t care less about offending Biden, America or the West. This is why Putin and his regime are issuing threats of nuclear war.

Truth be told, things never should have gotten this far. If Biden was serious and had even a moderate level of competency on the world stage, he would have been able to work out his differences with the Kremlin long ago — as former President Donald Trump was able to do.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, Biden’s fumbled choices and meaningless words are potentially walking everyone closer to the brink of World War III, according to PJ Media.

A Geopolitical Nightmare in Slow Motion

Multiple Russian experts have stated that when Putin feels threatened, he’s more likely to lash out. The last thing the world needs right now is for Russia to increase its levels of aggression.

By continuing to outright dismiss Putin’s concerns, by calling him a “War criminal” and intimating the punishment that war crimes entail, and by isolating him without offering an off-ramp for the nuclear-weapon state to turn from the road to war, Biden has put us on a potentially inexorable path to a kinetic war with an advanced military that has the capabilities to inflict millions of casualties on the United States — elections do have consequences, but we weren’t thinking they’d be Word War III kind of consequences.

The smart geopolitical play for Biden would be for him to propose lifting certain sanctions on Russia and begin acknowledging Putin’s geopolitical concerns, given the regime agrees to a ceasefire with Ukraine. This would not only calm things down, but it would reduce the likelihood of Putin taking more aggressive action.

However, Biden’s not doing anything that’s even close to smart. Instead, he’s announced dozens of new sanctions against Russia and openly made comments about war crimes.
Biden’s lack of care and strategy in the foreign policy arena led to this current crisis in the first place. Unfortunately, nothing he’s doing right now is leading towards de-escalation whatsoever.

One has to wonder — given the unbelievable incompetence being shown by this administration — does new domestic information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents have anything to do with the international pattern we have seen recently involving poking the bear unnecessarily?

Preventing World War III

In order to prevent World War III, Biden needs to create an incentive for Putin to do the opposite of what he’s doing right now.

The only thing Putin’s done since Biden’s sanctions were levied against his government is increase his level of aggression. Once again, Biden is throwing gasoline onto a fire that doesn’t need to be burning right now.

Unless something changes very quickly, the world is going to get much darker.