Biden Is ‘Hoping’ He Can Hang His Legal Hat On OSHA, He’s Wrong!

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate shocked the nation this week. No one expected the White House to go so far with its heavy-handed meddling in Americans’ personal, private health decisions, and deplorable tactic of leaning on American businesses and forcing business owners and managers to do the feds’ dirty work for them enforcing these diktats.

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a ready-made “bureaucrat saurus” sitting in Washington just waiting for this moment to be dug up from the swamp and deployed to regiment American society.

Into what do these locusts regiment American society as they descend on businesses with the arbitrary 100 employees or more? Into a cluster of fearful feudal servants of all-powerful commissars, who have no business with their subjects, aren’t responsible for the results of their businesses or their lives, didn’t take any of the risks to start these businesses, didn’t invest in any of the facilities or equipment, didn’t acquire the knowledge and experience in their industry and yet barge into other people’s businesses and order them around.

What do they order them to do? To harass and boss their employees about a private, personal medical decision to perform an intrusive, elective medical procedure. Does this sound like America any of us grew up in? Is this America, the Founding Fathers, envisioned? That the Continental Army fought for, marched in the snow for, bled, and died for? No way. We are a constitutional republic. Here, we value the rule of law and personal liberty.

Using OSHA to enforce the vaccine mandate was a clever maneuver. The government agency already enforces regulatory requirements for workplace health and safety. But that doesn’t mean it’s allowed to break the law or violate the U.S. constitution to follow orders from Washington. Medical information, like what procedures you have had performed by a doctor, is private information in the United States.

Citizens are protected from disclosing it by HIPAA laws. That’s the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which has strong privacy protections for U.S. patients. The fourth amendment also protects it.

If you have taken a vaccine or not is “papers,” and that is your private, personal, constitutionally protected information that you have sole control over when and to whom you disclose it. That goes for requiring citizens to furnish proof of vaccines, and it goes for the alternative, requiring them to deliver papers showing they have had a coronavirus test performed.

As Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) recently said on the Tom Woods TV podcast, laundering the government’s vaccine mandate through a chain of intermediaries, through OSHA and then business owners, will not protect it in court.