Biden Is Delighted With Rising Gas Prices

Joe Biden continues with his routine of blaming OPEC for Americans’ pain at the gas pump while ignoring his administration’s steps to throttle domestic energy production. He said last month that gas prices “relate to a foreign policy initiative” because OPEC withheld oil production.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed off a question last week about how the administration could decrease gas prices. She said the question was “hilarious” and said that America is helpless against OPEC, which she claimed “controls” the global market.

Gas prices are up over 60 percent in the last year and are still going up. The increase in gas prices impacts the entire American economy by adding additional transportation costs to the price of consumer goods of all types.

American heating costs are expected to soar this winter as well, with the EPA currently estimating prices will go up between 30 and 50 percent over last winter. Heating costs are expected to go up by hundreds of dollars in many cases, with the poorest households hardest hit.

Biden immediately killed the Keystone XL Pipeline upon taking office and suspended new oil and gas leases on federal land. He has also banned drilling activities in the Arctic. Meanwhile, he has approved a new Russian pipeline through German territory while begging OPEC to increase oil production.

The higher prices Americans are suffering fit in nicely with the left’s plans to eliminate fossil fuel use. Saule Omarova, a Biden nominee to a top post in the Treasury Department, has said that the environmentalists plan to make domestic American energy producers “go bankrupt.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday that the Biden administration was using the ongoing surge in gas prices as an opportunity to strangle American consumption of fossil fuels further and force consumers toward “green” alternative energy sources.

Psaki said that rising gas prices “over the long term” strengthens the administration’s case for “doubling down” on the emphasis of “clean energy options.” She added that the government wanted to reduce reliance on OPEC’s willingness to increase oil supplies. However, she failed to mention the administration’s actions that have crippled domestic energy production since Biden assumed office.

Psaki went on to describe the inflation affecting the American economy as a “political cudgel.”