Biden Immigration Policies Threaten Pandemic Recovery

New COVID-19 variations worldwide are causing a surge in hospitalizations in the United States, and President Joe Biden’s handling of the immigration issue might jeopardize America’s efforts to combat the virus. Moreover, in almost every public appearance, Biden brings up the pandemic. When he or his healthcare advisers speak to the nation, they emphasize that the coronavirus is still a public health concern, even as they secretly instruct border agencies to work around the clock to take back coronavirus protections that have been in place since the outbreak began.

However, Title 42, a legislative provision that permits the federal government to prohibit all migration into the nation during a pandemic effectively, is set to expire. In an internal statement, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the legislation is no longer necessary as a public health precaution. Still, he did not provide a specific date for when the Biden administration will officially revoke the statute. Title 42 is believed to have prevented over 750,000 asylum seekers from reaching the southern border during the outbreak.

Moreover, California Republican Kevin McCarthy claimed the Biden administration’s border mishandling had compounded the immigration and pandemic problems. He slammed the repeal of Title 42, citing reports that Biden is considering reinstating countrywide mask regulations to combat coronavirus outbreaks. Furthermore, staff members at Customs and Border Protection have voiced concern that their job at the forefront of emerging variations puts them and their families health in danger. The imposition of an internal mask mandate for police on the southern border, including those who had previously been vaccinated, provided a little guarantee that things would return to normal any time soon.

Senior CBP officials also highlighted that the massive inflow of migrant processes at the border throughout the pandemic jeopardizes agent safety and health. Meanwhile, one border agent stationed on the southern border expressed concern about the administration of President Joe Biden, questioning why Vice President Kamala Harris wore a mask while standing outside during her visit to the border. According to the agent, either the Delta variation is more deadly than the White House is letting on, or the White House feels there is some political value to playing Safety Theater at this time.

Although migrants are pouring through the several ports of entry along Canada’s southern border, the White House has declined to reopen the border. When challenged to explain the travel restrictions, a press secretary sought assistance from ostensible experts. Democrats in the House are pleading with the White House to reconsider its travel restrictions.

Last week, a hospital in Houston announced the infection of its first patient with a new coronavirus variant. Wall Street has made it very clear that a near-term recovery from the virus is far from guaranteed. Over 60% of finance professionals questioned by Deutsche Bank stated that they were most concerned about new coronavirus mutations.

As a result of the immigration issue, the Biden administration is having difficulty vaccinating tens of millions of additional Americans. More than 80% of migrants who cross the border are unvaccinated, with 30% of those apprehended refusing to obtain a vaccination when offered one. As a result of migrants’ refusal to get vaccines, illnesses have spread throughout detention facilities.