Biden Has Problem: Young Voters Nickname Him ‘Genocide Joe’

President Joe Biden has a lot of problems.

Whether it’s his son Hunter’s legal problems, the complete mess his administration has created at the southern border, his misguided economic policies, or the fact that he panders too much to the far-left wing of his party, the president certainly hasn’t engendered himself to young voters.

That’s a major issue for Biden, as that’s a cohort of voters that helped him win the presidency over Republican Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

On Thursday, Van Jones, a political commentator for CNN, said that the president now has a new problem — the Arab-American community is against him because of how much his administration has continued to support Israel.

During the appearance, Jones was asked by CNN anchor Erin Burnett to comment on the fact that one of Biden’s former field organizers said he wouldn’t vote for the president again, even though he knows it could end up helping Trump. The reason, the field agent said, was that Biden is “not somebody I can trust.”

“It’s a big problem for him right now,” Jones said of young voters’ perception of Biden. “There are four syllables that are aimed at him: Genocide Joe. That is becoming something you’re hearing from the young voters in the Arab-American community.”

This cohort of young voters wants the Biden administration to stop supporting Israel in its fight against terrorist organization Hamas as staunchly as it has. Some international organizations have said they have evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed by the Israel Defense Forces, which has obviously angered the Arab-American community.

They feel that Biden has been ignoring these reports and sticking by Israel’s side no matter what.

It’s almost a no-win situation for Biden, though. If he continues to support Israel, he risks losing the youth vote among Arab-Americans. If he departs from that support in any way, he risks losing Jewish-American votes.

He’s certainly not in a good situation, which is something Republicans — and especially Trump — have got to be basking in right now. After all, there are only 10 months until the presidential election, and Biden is digging himself a bigger and bigger hole.