Biden Foresees ‘Difficult Two Years’ If Democrats Lose Congress

President Joe Biden remarked on Monday that if Democrats lose Congress in the coming November midterms, it will be a “difficult two years.” The Democrat added that he will likely spend much time with his veto pen and little on getting things done.

Of course, there are many who believe Biden is already a lame duck president and the coming two years are all he has left in office.

Biden was speaking to a Democratic National Committee reception at a Boston apartment about his goal of “ending cancer as we know it.” But his remarks shifted towards what many believe will be a difficult November for his party.

Democrats and Republicans split the Senate 50-50 currently, and his party has benefited from having Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. The House is currently 219-211 for the Democrats, but that is seen as a temporary advantage that voters will change in two months.

Speaking to a crowd of about 30 donors, the president lamented the possibility of losing Congress to Republican control. And because he had the chance, Biden once again slammed “MAGA Republicans” for extremism.

Back to November, Biden said that Democrats cannot afford to lose this election. In fact, he declared that his party needs “to control the House and the Senate” and win races all over the country. If not, the veto pen will be getting a workout.

His hopes, he noted, are with the 18-30 age group that he believes is “the single most engaged generation.” He expressed his optimism for the nation, adding that it is not because he is president but due to the nature of the U.S. as a country.

Biden said the coming elections are about “democracy itself,” as most elections presumably are. He also rattled off a list of issues including the right to privacy, the climate, and school safety for children.

Noticeably absent in Biden’s inventory are inflation, the economy, the border crisis, crime running rampant in Democratic-led cities, and war in Europe. If these were addressed properly, perhaps the president’s worries about overusing his veto pen would be overblown.