Biden Calls Border Crisis ‘The Greatest Migration In Human History’

While promoting a plan to make it “easier” for foreign nationals to claim asylum in the United States, President Joe Biden referred to the current border crisis as “the greatest migration in human history.”

Biden’s plan did not make it completely clear whether the individuals applying for asylum would be illegally entering the United States to do so, as his plan mentions going directly to a port of entry to make their claims.

The president promoted this plan on Tuesday following a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during a summit in Mexico City.

“This has been the greatest migration in human history around the world as well as in this hemisphere,” Biden said, referencing the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

The president did not appear to be concerned about the staggering number of illegal aliens flooding across the southern border and into communities across the United States, placing a heavy burden on the American people.

Instead, Biden bragged about his administration’s plan to create new ways for migrants claiming asylum to sign up, receive their background checks, get a sponsor, and get examined, all while allowing them to go directly to a port of entry to make their claims.

In fact, Biden outright stated that he wants to make it “easier” for more people to cross the border and flood into the U.S., despite the fact that they are already overwhelming many border towns and cities across the country.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people to get here, opening up the capacity to get here,” he said.

The president went on to note that the majority of illegal aliens in the U.S. were fleeing the countries of Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua — explaining that his administration plans to reach out to them directly to get them to sign up for admission to the United States.

Biden also claimed that his plan would reduce the number of illegal aliens being victimized by cartels and coyotes to make the “god-awful” trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Look, right now the cartels make a lot of money, which they use for drug trafficking as well,” he stated.

The president then complained that Republicans — who have been speaking out non-stop about the border crisis and trying to end illegal immigration — have somehow been reluctant to work with him on fixing the immigration crisis. He also said that even some Democrats have been hesitant to help him with his immigration reform.

“All of you know, all of us in the United States are immigrants,” Biden added, going on to speak of his own Irish ancestors who immigrated to the U.S. during the potato famine in Ireland.

Biden’s comments come just days after he visited the southern border for the first time in his nearly 50 years in political office, where he faced significant backlash after it was revealed that officials in El Paso had “cleaned up” the city streets that had been filled with homeless illegal aliens camping out in front of shelters and churches prior to the president’s arrival.