Biden Border Crisis Sees Large Increase In Successful Border Crossings

Our recent wave of new illegal immigrants is only getting worse. Recent figures show that border crossings under the Biden Administration are up— way up.

Those encountered by Customs and Border Protection increased by 10% in December 2022 alone. Furthermore, many of our tallies are inaccurate because of the number of migrants who are able to successfully evade law enforcement.

There’s an invasion on our southern border, and President Joe Biden is doing precious little to stop it.

It’s gotten so bad that even some blue states and cities are taking notice. Republicans in Congress haven’t forgotten. Most Americans haven’t, either.

President Biden likes to brag that enforcement along the southern border is up. That is a key misnomer. It’s similar to the story of American World War II bombers over Europe.

These bombers would come back from flying missions all shot up. Engineers and mechanics added additional armor to the areas that were shot through. It turned out that the areas that were bullet-riddled were actually the locations the plane could be shot through and survive.

The planes that weren’t returning were being struck in their most vulnerable places. That’s why the damaged ones returned.

Border enforcement may be up in terms of raw numbers due to the surge of migrants. It is also down dramatically in percentage terms. Hundreds of thousands of people are jumping the border and our border patrol agents are only getting a small percentage of them.

It’s no knock against the brave men and women who are part of our border enforcement officers. Instead, they are being restrained by Democrats in the White House and Congress.

Border agents can do their jobs and do it well if they are allowed to. Republicans see the need for enforcement while Democrats see new voters coming over the border.

The Biden Administration likely won’t change its disastrous border policies. We’re going to have to wait for a strong Republican president to finally fix the border.