Biden Appears Set to Get Away with Tax Crimes

For years upon years, the Democrat Party has harped on the need for people to “pay their fair share” in taxes. To this day, left-wingers use this talking point when they’re trying to justify proposals that increase taxes on the American public.

Yet, as usual, what Democrats tell people to do is very different from what they actually do. The political left repeatedly shows that it has one set of rules for itself and a separate set of rules for everyone else.

This is especially true of Joe Biden. Biden is working day and night to raise Americans’ taxes as the nation is on the verge of a recession. Meanwhile, Red State reports that the president is apparently guilty of various tax crimes.

A Deep Dive into Biden’s Hypocrisy on Taxes
The same president who repeatedly finger-wags at people who don’t “pay their fair share” reportedly owes the IRS anywhere from $127,000 to $500,000 in back taxes. This comes per a whistleblower report to the IRS itself.

Ironically, this is a report that the IRS has chosen not to pursue. One can only wonder if the agency would take a similar approach towards a Republican owing six figures in back taxes.

Nevertheless, Biden will not be audited over reports that he skipped out on paying Medicare taxes or taxes on alleged income from his son’s international business arrangements.

Apparently, both Biden and his wife also used S-corporations as holding places for book revenue. This, too, was a strategy for them to duck taxes that would be owed on this revenue.

To this day, the president never had anything to say about “unexplained income” that might be tied to his son’s overseas business deals. Of course, the White House has no comment on Biden’s back taxes, either.

The “Fair Share” Lie
If the Democrat Party really cared about folks “paying their fair share” in taxes, it’d be all over Biden for the back taxes he owes and the S-corporation he used to avoid taxes.

When Democrats talk about people paying their “fair share” in taxes, they’re really only seeking funds to cover partisan spending packages. The IRS’ rejection of the whistleblower who reported Biden for back taxes also speaks volumes as well.

If Democrats want to increase Americans’ taxes, they should first go after members of their own ranks (like Biden, Al Sharpton, etc.) who have yet to pay what they owe to the IRS.