Biden Administration Releases ‘Welfare’ Program For Illegal Immigrants

Since President Joe Biden took office, the U.S. has been engulfed in an immigration and fentanyl crisis that is negatively affecting the lives of Americans across the country. Despite this, the Biden administration has announced it will provide welfare to the nearly 6 million illegal immigrants that have crossed the southern border since 2021.

Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) recently revealed that millions of migrants are set to receive welfare under the Biden administration’s program entitled, “Release and Reporting Management (RRM),” which provides free food, housing, and medical services, the Post Millennial reported.

The program is set to cost American taxpayers billions of dollars, as reported by the New York Post.

An RFI form released by ICE indicated that all individuals in the RRM program would receive benefits such as “legal assistance; psychological services, therapeutic services; medical services; food and clothing banks; public transportation information; parental information; education information; and repatriation and reintegration services.”

“These services are designed to increase participant compliance with immigration obligations through information, stabilization, and support. Services will be individualized to each participant’s needs and may range from basic referrals to intensive direct assistance,” the RFI form states.

Former ICE director Tom Homan told the New York Post that the program is mainly an effort to enlist vendors in ICE’s monitoring of illegal immigrants through ankle monitors, phone applications, and in-person checks.

“The RRM is just a push by the open border advocates to provide welfare benefits to 6 million people,” Homan said.

“They’re going to give legal assistance to illegal aliens at the taxpayers’ expense to fight the government,” Homan added, explaining that the combined services are a “massive giveaway that are going to cost billions of dollars.”

The RRM program would only apply to the “non-detained docket,” which includes 5.7 listed illegal immigrants.

The New York Post states that the 5.7 million figure fails to include individuals currently detained in facilities awaiting deportation or those in ICE detention centers waiting to be processed at the southern border.

The immigration crisis in the U.S. has become increasingly worse since Biden became president. In 2020, the numbers stood at 3.3 million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border. By 2022, after Biden had been president for one year, that number jumped to 4.7 million, according to ICE records.