Biden Administration Provides Flights Into US For Many Migrants

Even as critics on both sides of the aisle are finally starting to pay attention to the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Biden administration is busy pursuing ways for undocumented migrants to bypass the border altogether when entering the country illegally.

Customs and Border Protection has rolled out its CBP One program, which offers migrants in other countries access to an app that in many cases will help them procure a direct flight to the U.S. destination of their choice.

This has allowed the White House to claim that the immigration system is not as broken as it truly is while surreptitiously allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to avoid the treacherous trek across the southern border.

While the CBP One program has been described as a way to assist asylum-seekers, the Center for Immigration Studies recently compiled a report outlining how these incoming migrants are simply released into neighboring communities after landing at commercial airports in the U.S.

According to CIS senior national security fellow Todd Bensman, one of the “least noticed, mysterious, and potentially the most controversial of the new rechanneling programs that use the CBP One app allows migrants to take commercial passenger flights from foreign countries straight to their American cities of choice, flying right over the border — and even over Mexico.”

From there, the migrants are typically granted immediate parole, “sight unseen, and in numbers publicly unknown,” the report asserts.

As records obtained by the think tank reveal, “between late October 2022 and mid-September 2023, the administration approved a total of 221,456 Venezuelans, Haitians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans for ‘travel mode: air’ into still-unspecified interior U.S. ports.”

In light of the influx of migrants by land that continues to overwhelm border communities, however, some say the CBP One app is the best solution to an immigration crisis the Biden administration is determined to ignore.

Arizona immigration attorney Nick Suriel encouraged migrants to use the app and expressed frustration with the current state of illegal immigration.

“You cannot have tens of thousands of people just coming into the United States as they are right now,” he said. “I think I don’t know why we are not enforcing those sections of laws, as if you’ve been through a safe third country, you cannot apply. If we catch you, they can do expedited removal. They can do any number of things. These are pretty harsh things. Once somebody is expedited removed by CBP or Border Patrol, they can’t be here for five years. So there are things on the books that can be enforced.”