Biden Administration Fears Offending Chinese Government

The Biden administration continues to tiptoe around the Chinese Communist Party. Former chief of staff to the National Security Council, Fred Fleitz, says that the White House won’t speak out against China’s censorship and abuse of the people due to fears of offending the CCP. Thousands of protesters in China gathered over the weekend to fight the government’s “zero Covid” policies and dictatorship.

Fleitz spoke on the John Solomon Reports podcast that there is no better time for the United States to speak out on behalf of people fighting for freedom. But with inflation and economic concerns afloat in the U.S., Biden is avoiding the issue; so, the Chinese Communist Party is not offended. As a result of the president’s avoidance, the U.S. lacks serious leadership.

“Their priorities are extremely backward. This is a time for presidential leadership, and Joe Biden has failed again,” Fleitz said on the podcast. China’s censorship is severe, and many protesters can end up in jail, yet the Chinese people know their government is corrupt and are tired of a communist-led government. Imprisonment for protesters is harsh and long.

The Biden administration desires to stabilize the current relationship with Beijing. So, the White House’s silence is unsurprising in the wake of weekend protests across China. There have been no statements or tweets about the protests from the president so far. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and national security advisor Jake Sullivan have also avoided the issue. Not even a spokesperson has issued any statements. There has been dead silence despite President Biden meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping this month to ease tensions.

The People’s Republic of China will not be able to contain the virus through the “zero Covid” strategy if protesters keep coming out. The PRC should have the right to protest peacefully, but that’s not how a dictatorship works. While Biden has disclosed the dangers of autocratic movements to the world’s existing democracies behind closed doors, he refuses to come out and say anything other than that the U.S. supports the right to peaceful protest. Republican lawmakers have been the most vocal about their support for Chinese citizens, many shouting on Twitter, “freedom for China!”