Biden Administration Drops Lawsuit Against Hospital For Forcing Nurse To Assist With Abortion

The Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has voluntarily dismissed a lawsuit filed during the Trump administration against the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) that alleged the hospital violated federal law by compelling an employee nurse to assist in an abortion against her will.

The case stemmed from UVMMC’s nurse assignment to an abortion operation in 2018, despite the hospital being aware that she had been on an exempt list of conscientious objectors for years.

She was initially informed that she was assigned to care for a patient who had just suffered a miscarriage. She then learned that the patient was admitted for an elective abortion. The nurse said that she was pressured to assist even though other nurses on duty could have taken the assignment.

President Trump’s Office of Civil Rights investigated and learned that the hospital maintains a policy that will force staff to participate in abortions over their moral or religious objections. The policy provided that discipline or termination could result from refusal to comply.

The DOJ filed a lawsuit on the nurse’s behalf, alleging a violation of her federally protected civil rights. The lawsuit was dismissed on August 6, as authorized by Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra.

Roger Severino, who was President Trump’s Director of the Office of Civil Rights at HHS when the lawsuit was filed, tweeted on August 3 that as a result of the dismissal, it is “open season on pro-life doctors and nurses.”

Severino also called the dismissal of the case a “dereliction of duty.” He said that the abortion industry is “desperate to eliminate conscience protections” that have been in place to protect medical professionals throughout the age of Roe v. Wade. He added that compelling all staff to participate in abortions helps their profitability.

When Becerra served as California’s attorney general before joining the Biden administration, he established a long track record of violating Californians’ consciences and civil rights. He lost a Supreme Court case after attempting to force pro-life pregnancy consultants to refer mothers to free abortion service providers. He was found to violate laws protecting abortion objectors multiple times by HHS, the same administration he now heads.

Becerra and Biden are both Catholics, at least when it is politically expedient. Just as their loyalty to their professed faith is subordinate to the demands of the abortion plan, it is now clear that their loyalty to the law is also a secondary concern.