Artificial Intelligence Is Monitoring Popular Video Game Play

Artificial Intelligence is now being used to monitor and record video game play by consumers. This monitoring watches for toxic behavior on the servers.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming a debatable topic for many consumers. The software is used in nearly every aspect of technology, leaving consumers uneasy about how far the technology will go.

The AI company Modulate has stepped in to help Call of Duty and other games monitor their voice chats. The monitoring finds violations in the terms of service that could be considered toxic to the online gamer community.

Though the Modulate listens to voice chats, the concern is for privacy. Many gamers leave their microphones on during their game. A monitoring service will pick up voices during the game and what may be happening in the privacy of the player’s home.

The gaming industry claims that this monitoring is necessary to help enforce the terms of service for the company. Consumers are concerned with how voice chats become labeled as a toxic environment and conversation.

The policing of voice chats borders on censorship, privacy, and the First Amendment for many consumers and gamers alike. This monitoring is what many consumers have problems with when it comes to AI.

Gamers are not the only ones concerned with monitoring their voice chats and free speech. The use of AI to monitor American citizens from all walks of life is spreading.

The IRS recently announced they will use AI to find potential tax violators. The IRS will be doing this by locating the different possible targets by accessing their private funding sources.

For example, AI software will look through hedge funds, real estate investments, and law firms. Observing these financial accounts brings into question how the monitoring works, how far into personal accounts and information it can go, and how far the ones running the software will go.

The AI in use may help some companies, such as the owners of “Call of Duty,” to help enforce the terms of service. The big picture of using AI is how far it will violate privacy for consumers and other companies.