Armed Texan Shoots Violent Assailant At BBQ Restaurant

An armed Texan confronted and shot a violent assailant who had brutally attacked an elderly patron, leaving him unconscious at a Centerville, Texas BBQ restaurant. According to official reports from the local police, the incident unfolded on August 14th around noon at Woody’s Smokehouse.

Surveillance video captured the disturbing scene as a man, later identified as Kevin Craig Anderson from Houston, entered the establishment and swiftly escalated a situation that would end in chaos.

Anderson’s aggressive behavior drew the attention of several customers before he ventured into the restaurant’s restroom, where he launched a vicious attack against an elderly patron who was left unconscious. Shockingly, Anderson continued to batter the helpless man on the floor until another diner rushed to his aid.

The Good Samaritan found himself knocked to the ground and was quickly under attack. The swift and decisive response from another man who happened to possess a valid license to carry a concealed firearm likely saved the two men’s lives. Acting in self-defense, the armed citizen discharged his weapon, striking Anderson twice in the right arm, forcing him to flee the scene.

Law enforcement authorities launched a rapid response, tracking down the wounded Anderson in his vehicle on the shoulder of a nearby highway. He was subsequently transported by helicopter to St. Joseph emergency room in Bryan before being transferred to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston for further treatment of his injuries.

The elderly victim also received immediate medical attention at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston. Despite the intense nature of the situation, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office has refrained from making any formal statements regarding potential charges against the armed bystander.

The ongoing investigation is reported to be a joint effort between the local authorities and Texas Rangers to uncover the full scope of events that transpired at Woody’s Smokehouse. Diana Wood, co-owner of Woody’s Smokehouse, expressed her gratitude for the swift response of law enforcement and the apprehension of the attacker.

She requested prayers for the well-being of her team and the customers involved in the incident. As the community reflects on this shocking situation, Wood emphasizes the importance of covering family, friends, work, and school with the protective power of faith before stepping out each day.

This seemingly random episode is a sobering reminder about the unpredictability of life, and the need to be prepared when faced with unforeseen dangers, especially when it’s at the hands of a violent and mentally unstable person.