Arizona Refuses Federal Order To Tear Down Border Wall

Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said he will defy a request from the Biden administration to remove large rail containers it is using to fill dangerous gaps in the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The Interior Department asked last week that the containers, which are double-stacked, be removed and nothing new be added to the locations. It claimed that the government has contracts already to close the spaces and that the containers are preventing that work from commencing.

The government added that some are on the edge of an Indian reservation.

The containers are stacked near Yuma, and the letter said they potentially invite conflicts with two federal contracts in place and two other pending to fill wall gaps near the Morelos Dam.

The Interior Department further called the placement of the containers “a violation of federal law and…a trespass against the United States.”

The governor’s office responded with a statement on Wednesday, saying the federal government asked for the containers to be taken down. In their place, however, would be “gaps open for who knows how long so they can put up what sounds like a chain link fence.”

Another response, this from Arizona’s Emergency and Military Affairs Department, was more to the point.

Allen Clark, an official with the state agency, called the Interior Department’s suggestion that the state make border crossing easier “completely unacceptable.”

Clark added that doing so would make Arizonans less safe and therefore “is a nonstarter.”

Gov. Ducey issued an executive order in August for over 100 of the double-stacked containers to be put in place. He said he grew tired of waiting for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to complete contracts for filling in the gaps.

Migrants reportedly are continuously going around the containers, especially through the Cocopah Indian Reservation.

Despite initially halting border wall construction on his first day in office, President Joe Biden has allowed smaller projects to continue. The White House explained this by saying the projects that are advancing are to ensure migrant safety.