AP: Minors Seeking Trans Procedures ‘Protected from Parents’ In Washington State

The Associated Press is promoting a law recently signed by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) that would essentially allow children who want dangerous transgender procedures to run away from home to be “protected from the intervention of estranged parents,” according to the outlet.

Before Washington passed the new law, licensed shelters, and host homes were required to notify runaway children’s parents within 72 hours if a minor comes into their care. Now, these children will be allowed to stay at these places without parental permission — and the facilities will instead contact the state Department of Children, Youth and Families which “could” try to “reunify the family if feasible.”

Inslee previously described the legislation as a “more compassionate, developmentally appropriate and reasoned approach to support these youth as they access gender-affirming treatment and reproductive health care services.”

However, what the left calls “gender-affirming treatment” is actually dangerous, irreversible medical procedures like puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and transgender surgeries that mutilate the so-called “transgender” person and often permanently sterilize them. While the left claims that these treatments are the compassionate way to care for someone suffering from gender confusion, most Americans believe that children cannot consent to these irreversible and life-altering procedures.

Meanwhile, the left-leaning Associated Press (AP) has argued that Washington’s new law would protect so-called “trans minors” from their parents — claiming that people have “twisted the content of the measure to suggest it will see the state ripping children from their homes.”

“Legal experts and the bill’s primary sponsor say the legislation does not address custody issues or removing youths from their parents. The legislation is intended to help keep estranged young people housed, not remove children from parents,” the AP wrote in a separate “fact focus” article about the bill.

Gays Against Groomers, an organization designed to protect children from gender ideologues, shared a screenshot of the AP’s article on the subject — which was titled “Trans minors protected from parents under Washington law.”

“Yesterday, @GovInslee signed SB5599 into law, making Washington a sanctuary state for ‘trans’ minors that want to undergo medical gender procedures, but whose parents will not allow them to (because they’re good parents),” they explained.

“These people are monsters,” Gays Against Groomers argued in their tweet. “Children need to be protected from the predatory medical industrial complex, not their parents.”

Republican state lawmakers have also been speaking out against the legislation, campaigning against it for several weeks. Washington state Senate GOP leader John Braun warned that the law would drive “a wedge between vulnerable kids and their parents.”

On May 5, the Washington Senate Republicans official Twitter account blasted the bill — arguing that it allows youth shelters to “hide kids seeking ‘gender-affirming care’ from their parents.”

“People are overwhelmingly against SB 5599, including many LGBT+ folks. Democrats pass it anyway, allowing youth shelters to hide kids seeking ‘gender-affirming care’ from their parents,” the caucus tweeted.

In another tweet, Washington state Rep. Jim Walsh (R) pointed out that the legislation violates parental rights.

“The extremists have picked their position against WA families and parental rights. Now they can try to defend it. Spoiler: It’s indefensible,” he wrote.