AOC Savages Colleagues as ‘Corrupt’ and Full Of ‘Decay’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sharpened her knives and went on the attack Saturday against the exact institution in which she serves — Congress.

In a Facebook video rant, the “Squad” member slammed the national legislature as corrupt and full of “so much decay and moral emptiness.” AOC said these traits transcend party, in effect throwing her own team members under the political bus.

The congresswoman called it “really wild” to work at such a place when you are a “normal person.” Has the definition of a “normal person” changed?

Pardon, but normal people do not prance around the Met Gala in a white Brother Vellies dress with “Tax the Rich” emblazoned in bright red letters. Tickets to attend went for a cool $30,000 each, and if you’d like a table, be ready to cough up $200,000 minimum.

Maybe that’s the new normal.

Ocasio-Cortez, while waxing poetic, said she tries to avoid being one of those “ding-dongs” urging people to “vote harder.” Slam the machine? Use a sharpie?

The New York representative went on her rant apparently out of frustration over lack of congressional movement on gun laws. But, as normal, it doesn’t take much to spur a pay-attention-to-me because I’m working so hard for the little people tirade.

For her part, AOC is brilliant at blaming everyone but AOC. And, of course, her radical allies. When last November’s elections went poorly for Democrats just a year after Biden’s presidential victory, the representative was quick to blame everyone except progressive radicals.

If enough truth serum is applied, Ocasio-Cortez may admit to the responsibility of herself and fellow leftist radicals for pulling the rug out from under Democrats. Nothing is ever enough to please the extremes, and being a quote machine for bizarre ideas does her party zero favors.

The leftists lost, she mused afterwards, because they did not “excite, speak to or energize a progressive base.” The issue is, those of her political stripe make up a very small part of the electorate. So, if progressive radicals such as AOC are your “base,” prepare to be on the outside looking in.