Anti-Law Enforcement Democrat Requests Police Patrols At His Home

The left, which has consistently called to defund law enforcement, recently saw one of its own requesting for police to arrive at his home days after the Democratic congressman criticized the police department in his city.

Days after Rep. Gregorio Casar (D-TX) condemned the Austin, Texas, Police Department and called on the city council to defund the same department, the Texas congressman reportedly “requested enhanced patrols around his house,” according to the Austin Police Retired Officers Association (APROA).

“It’s come to our attention that Anti-police king of the defund movement in Austin @GregCasar who only last week called APD an agency with racist practices has requested enhanced patrols around his house for the next week,” APROA wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“But this seems to us as the height of hypocrisy from the congressman. Maybe he should hire private security like his fellow squad members do. Sure seems like he wants the police in his neighborhood just got yours,” the law enforcement organization added.

Casar’s plea for police patrols at his home was forwarded to the Austin Police Department from the U.S. Capitol Police.

Casar’s request for law enforcement presence comes after crime has skyrocketed in Austin, following the 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots that ensued after the death of longtime criminal George Floyd. As a city council member at the time, Casar had been a vocal proponent of defunding the police.

On Aug. 13, 2023, Casar praised the Austin City Council for cutting the budget of the city’s police department by $100 million.

Just recently, the Texas congressman sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) condemning the Austin Police Department. Casar noted the “need for systemic reforms to the Department’s policies and practices of excessive and lethal use of force, racial discrimination, and discrimination against people with mental health conditions.”

Casar has consistently advocated for the demise of law enforcement, but when he’s in trouble, the Texas congressman, like many Democrats, doesn’t hesitate to call the police.

APROA president Dennis Farris unloaded on Casar in a statement to Fox News, saying, “A week ago, he was calling the Austin Police Department a racist department that targeted Black and brown people, and this week he’s asking the exact same department to do enhanced patrols around his house.”