Another Crisis May Soon Be Heading To Florida

Last month, Florida took some hits from Hurricane Ian, yet continues to remain strong in the aftermath. Statewide, first responders, government officials, and everyday folks are unifying to help rebuild and provide for those in need.

Law enforcement in Florida has also made it clear the rule of law still stands even as people work to revamp after the hurricane. Several arrests of looters have been made while Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) warned against people trying to take advantage of those who are hurting.

Unfortunately, while Hurricane Ian is gone, there are new concerns about a red tide potentially making a comeback in Florida.

Return of Red Tide?
With red tide comes dead fish and warnings for Floridians to steer clear of certain bodies of water, namely beaches. Red tide’s previous presence in Florida often led to runny eyes, coughing, and other related symptoms in people near contaminated waters.

Because of Hurricane Ian, much more bacteria and chemicals are coming into contact with water. That’s thanks to flooded houses and vehicles, along with some Floridians even having to urinate or defecate outdoors due to ruined, flooded toilets.

The temporary departure of water from Tampa’s gulf also has officials on high alert concerning another run-in with red tide. Thus far, Florida officials are monitoring the situation and working to minimize all damages associated with Hurricane Ian, be it red tide or other issues.

Years back, however, Florida previously encountered Hurricane Irma, with red tide following shortly thereafter.

More Negative Forces Facing Florida
Growing concerns about red tide come as Democrats are also using Hurricane Ian to push their own agendas. Amid news of a potential return, some leftists took to social media to trash DeSantis and other Florida officials, such as Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Democrats are using Hurricane Ian to also make jokes and cracks about “climate change” and the need to confront this issue. This pattern started last month when Florida was first preparing for the approaching storm.

DeSantis, for his part, has been forced to push back against biased media reporters. These reporters are calling into question his reaction to the storm, Florida’s preparations, and the efforts of other emergency responders.

Nevertheless, the prevailing message from Florida leaders continues to assert the state has faced challenges before and come out on top. Hurricane Ian is no exception.