Angie Harmon Seeks Justice After Tragic Shooting Of Beloved Dog

Actress Angie Harmon is pursuing legal recourse against Instacart and one of its delivery drivers following a devastating incident that resulted in the death of her beloved dog, Oliver. In a candid interview with People, Harmon recounted the traumatic events of March 30 and expressed ongoing anguish over the loss of her cherished pet.

Harmon vividly recalled the moment she heard a gunshot while tending to her rescued pet squirrels upstairs. The sound of her daughter’s panicked cries alerted her to the shocking reality: Oliver had been fatally shot by the Instacart delivery driver, Christopher Anthoney Reid.

According to Harmon, Reid callously admitted to shooting Oliver, displaying a disturbing lack of remorse or concern for her family’s distress. Despite his claims of self-defense, Harmon questioned the necessity of resorting to lethal force against her 43-pound dog, emphasizing Reid’s failure to seek medical assistance or show signs of injury.

“But he didn’t have a mark on him,” she said during the interview. “He didn’t have a scratch; he didn’t have torn jeans. He didn’t have puncture marks. Most importantly, he didn’t ask for help. He says he was attacked multiple times by Ollie and that he had to kick him off. But he didn’t even ask for a Band-Aid or an ambulance.”

The aftermath of the incident has been deeply traumatic for Harmon and her daughters, who are undergoing therapy to cope with the emotional fallout. Harmon described the profound impact of losing Oliver and the ongoing struggle to feel safe in her own home following the tragedy.

In her lawsuit against Instacart and Reid, Harmon alleges a series of offenses, including negligence, trespassing, and infliction of emotional distress. She contends that Reid misrepresented himself on the app, using a false identity to carry out the delivery and violating the company’s policies in the process.

As she navigates the legal process, Harmon remains steadfast in her determination to seek justice for Oliver and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. She hopes that her efforts will raise awareness about the importance of safety protocols and accountability within the delivery industry, preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future.