Andrew Cuomo Not Going Quietly

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) refuses to go down without a fight. After being forced into resignation for nearly a dozen workplace misconduct allegations, the once beloved Emmy winner is punching back.

Cuomo filed an ethics complaint on Tuesday against Letitia James, the state attorney who spearheaded the investigation.

The lengthy complaint alleges James had a “personal and political conflict of interest” throughout the entire probe. The document also includes accusations of the “manipulation of facts, evidence, and the law.”

On page 3 of the claim, Cuomo states the allegations made by “most of the eleven women did not constitute sexual harassment under state or federal law….” He’s essentially admitting guilt to at least some of the alleged offenses. The word “most” is even italicized in the official document. It’s as if he wrote the brief himself.

Things were getting dicey for Cuomo prior to the creepy, bombshell allegations in November of last year.

At the beginning of the pandemic, between March 25th and May 8th, sitting governor Andrew Cuomo admitted nearly 6,400 Covid-positive patients back into nursing homes.

As of February 2021, the toll of New York residents that have died in nursing homes from Covid-19 is over 6,000. That accounts for 26 percent of overall Covid deaths in New York state.

Andrew Cuomo has blood on his hands, which makes his newly filed ethics complaint even more absurd. He’s not quietly disappearing in hopes of avoiding prosecution and further embarrassment. No, he’s decided to take on the Democratic party on his own. Talk about a death wish.

Andrew Cuomo was one of the most powerful Democrats in the nation prior to the sexual misconduct allegations coming to light last year.. They adored him, his female fans oft-used the term “Cuomosexual.”

The self-proclaimed “New York Tough Guy” was a rockstar with a presidential-run in his future. Things changed rapidly. He became a liability, and they wasted no time showing him the door. When it comes to Democrats, no one is safe.

The same goes for his younger brother Chris Cuomo, formerly of CNN. He was the golden boy of liberal media right up until he wasn’t.

It will be fascinating to watch in the coming months how things unfold for the Cuomo brothers.