Alabama Lawmakers Criticize Trump’s Felony Conviction, Call Trial a “Kangaroo Court”

Following former President Donald Trump’s historic felony conviction in New York on Thursday, Alabama lawmakers were quick to express their disapproval, with many calling the trial a politically motivated “witch hunt” and a “kangaroo court.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville described the moment as a “very dark day in American history,” while Gov. Kay Ivey, despite acknowledging the jury’s verdict, stated that “the real verdict will be by the people on Election Day November 5.”

Rep. Robert Aderholt accused prosecutors of having to “take the law and make origami out of it,” and Rep. Barry Moore labeled the verdict “a travesty of justice.”

Rep. Dale Strong expressed his disheartening by the outcome, claiming that the Democratic Party had “weaponized our court system to undermine President Trump.”

The Alabama GOP released a statement fully standing behind Trump, arguing that the “leftist-inspired court case against him is clearly politically motivated.” They emphasized that the justice system should never be used as a political weapon and warned that the country is heading in a dangerous direction.

“The people of America should decide who our next president is, not Democrat elected officials or politically motivated prosecutions,” the statement read. “This fundamental principle is at the heart of our democratic process.”

Trump was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records after jurors deliberated for nine-and-a-half hours. As the verdict was read, he sat stone-faced in court, looking down.

The conviction exposes Trump to potential prison time and presents voters with another test of their willingness to accept his boundary-breaking behavior as he seeks a return to the White House in this year’s election.

Trump is expected to appeal the verdict, and his sentencing is set for July 11, just days before Republicans are set to select him as the 2024 nominee.