Airbus Blames US For China’s Unfair Trade Practices While Seeking Military Contracts

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, the European aerospace company Airbus has pointed fingers at the United States, blaming it for China’s notorious unfair trade practices. This “blame the victim” approach is not only outrageous but also raises serious concerns about the company’s trustworthiness, especially as it simultaneously seeks U.S. taxpayer money to build next-generation refueling tanker aircraft for the Air Force.

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has expressed anger over his company’s inability to monopolize the global market for commercial and government aircraft, suggesting that the U.S. is at fault for the trade wars that have engulfed the global economy. This stance is particularly ironic given Airbus’ own history of engaging in unethical business conduct, including paying bribes in China and attempting to conceal them.

The past two U.S. administrations, under both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, have been tough on China, responding to its well-documented cheating practices such as illegal subsidies, dumping, forced technology transfers, and cyber espionage. It is absurd for Airbus to blame America for China’s actions, especially when the company itself has a close relationship with the Chinese government.

The Pentagon should seriously reconsider awarding any new contracts to Airbus until the company changes direction and abandons its unfair trade practices. It is crucial to prioritize American companies when it comes to manufacturing aircraft for the U.S. military, as national security and trust are of utmost importance.