After Skipping Tax Payment, Congressional Candidate Pushes Tax Hikes

After failing to pay her own taxes, New York Democratic congressional candidate Bridget Fleming has been an ardent supporter of higher taxes.

She has voted to raise taxes on her constituents at least six times, and these votes all came after she was cited by New York state for failing to pay her own tax bill.

It was March 2009 when the state taxation department filed a judgment against Fleming and her spouse, Robert Agoglia. The pair were cited for failure to pay $2,426 in taxes, according to records from the Suffolk County Clerk’s office.

Official records show it was fully three months later before the couple settled their tax debt.

Fleming announced last year that she was running in the Democratic primary for a second time after failing to gain the party’s nod in 2020. Her announcement included typical blasts at solid conservative Lee Zeldin, now a fourth-term congressman for the 1st Congressional District.

Zeldin is now the GOP nominee for New York governor.

The issue for Fleming is her continual support for higher taxes for voters who supported her after failing to pay her own. The next year after the tax issue, Fleming was elected to the Southampton town council and quickly threw her support behind a tax hike.

Again in 2011 she supported a 2% property tax hike on her constituents passed in the town council’s budget. But that’s not all. Fleming introduced an amendment to the budget that would have hiked property taxes another $800,000.

That was rejected by every other council member.

Two years later, it was a repeat performance for Fleming as she again supported yet another property tax hike. In 2015, Fleming ran for and won a seat in the Suffolk County legislature where she stood up for even more tax increases.