Activision Cuts Ties With Gamer Who Dared Defend Children

Activision, the renowned publisher of the “Call of Duty” video game, has ignited a furor among gamers by removing a custom operator skin for the game’s most watched streamer, Nick Kolcheff, known as “Nickmercs,” over a single tweet that dares defend innocent kids. The digital form of wokism discipline has raised questions about freedom of expression, corporate influence, and the rights of parents to shape their children’s learning environment.

The tweet that sparked the furor was in response to a video of a protest outside a school board meeting in Los Angeles, where a vote was taking place to recognize June as Pride month. Kolcheff retorted, “They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue,” a sentiment that has received nearly 80,000 “likes.” Kolcheff, a new father, later clarified his stance, asserting his belief that conversations surrounding such issues should be left to parents.

Activision opted to take swift action, announcing that they had removed the “Nickmercs Operator” bundle from the game’s store, citing a focus on celebrating Pride with their employees and community. The decision came as a shock, given Kolcheff’s pivotal role in the “Call of Duty” community and the revenue his content has generated – $15 million in 2022 alone.

Among those rallying behind Kolcheff is another top “Call of Duty” gamer, “Dr. Disrespect,” who described Activision’s decision as “pathetic” and demanded that the Nickmercs’ bundle be reinstated, with an accompanying apology to Kolcheff. His defiance resonates with a growing number of players, some of whom are calling for a “Call of Duty” boycott to protest Activision’s actions.

The controversy highlights a broader national debate about schools’ role in educating children about “Pride” and LGBT issues. While some argue that this responsibility should rest solely with parents, others contend that it is essential for inclusivity and acceptance to be aggressively promoted in the government’s educational institutions.

As for Kolcheff, he stands by his statement, affirming, “Friends are created in good times, but families are built through adversity. Appreciate all of you that have my back, understand my position as a new father & recognize the love I have for all. Ain’t no hate in this heart.”