ACLU Bashes School Policy Banning Political Messages in Classrooms

A push by a Wisconsin school board to ban political messaging in classrooms is drawing fire from the American Civil Liberties Union. The liberal group says barring items such as Black Lives Matter and LGBT flags harms “welcome and safe places.”

As the radical left pushes indoctrination over education, more of these confrontations are popping up across the country. As seen in this Wisconsin case, leftist political messages are promoted as not even having a “political” angle behind them. To radicals, they are simply the truth.

The Kettle Moraine School Board in Wales, Wisconsin, voted last week to bar teachers from displaying “political flags or religious messaging in their classroom or on their person.”

Everything from the BLM and LGBT flags to “We Back the Badge” logos are not allowed, and only one member voted against the move. Teachers are also banned from displaying their preferred pronouns in emails.

The school’s existing policy continues to prohibit employees from taking advantage of their positions of trust to promote partisan politics, religious views and propaganda. This cannot be done for monetary or nonmonetary gain, or for personal choice.

Students who showed up at a packed school board meeting largely voiced opposition to the move. The meeting was capped at an hour despite a call from the audience to extend it.

A petition urging repeal of the ban netted over 13,000 signatures.

The ACLU, of course, sounded off on the measure. An attorney with the radical group wondered aloud if signs that say “Support Our Troops” or “Save the Planet” are going to pass muster.

This is far from the first controversial position held by the school system. Last November two sets of parents filed suit over the district’s policy of calling a student a different name or gender pronouns without notifying the parents.

The district recently moved to have the suit dismissed, but the judge denied the motion.

The purpose of public education is being rewritten by liberals in America. No longer is the argument over testing standards or even Common Core. Rather, it’s whether educators have the right to unfettered indoctrination of children, with or without their parents’ consent.