Abortion Study Showing Depression Link Rejected On Political Grounds

A study in 2006 by pro-abortion researcher David Fergusson indicated that women obtaining abortions had a higher rate of depression and other mental health issues.

Of women receiving abortions within four years before the study, 42 percent had depression diagnoses at more than twice the rate of women who had given birth. Women undergoing abortions also showed higher anxiety, suicidal behavior, and substance abuse rates.

Fergusson stated that he believed his findings could be “used and misused” by pro-life advocates. He somehow felt that pointing out established health risks constituted “misuse” of his work. As it turns out, it is the abortion advocates who want to “misuse” the work by obscuring and hiding it. Fergusson himself has said that multiple medical journals have refused to discuss publishing his study.

He said that even though his work is usually accepted the first time he presents it, he took this study to four journals that refused it. The scientific and medical establishment appears to be biased against research showing that abortion carries risks for women.

The Abortion Supervisory Committee pressured Fergusson not to seek to publish the study. The abortion advocacy group told him that publishing in an “unclarified state” would turn his work into a “political football.” The “clarification” the group sought was massaging the results in a way that would be less damaging to the abortion industry.

To his credit, Fergusson said he felt it would be irresponsible to withhold his results and compared his work to studies that demonstrate adverse medical effects from medications. He said that he should be shielded from accusations of a pro-life bias since he claimes a personal pro-choice viewpoint.

He said that when he began his work on the study, he expected to see results showing abortion does not lead to higher rates of depression and other mental illnesses. The data he gathered led to the opposite conclusion, and he had the scientific integrity to seek to publish his work anyway.

Other studies have reached similar conclusions, indicating a correlation between abortion and depression.