Abortion Dispute Shows How Little AOC And Leftists Think Of Women

Abortion has taken center stage in Texas recently with the enactment of the state’s Heartbeat Act. The new rule went into effect on September 1 and made most abortions illegal if a fetal heartbeat is medically established, which generally happens around the sixth week of pregnancy.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott was asked at a press conference on Tuesday to sign a bill that would compel rape victims to carry a child conceived due to the term crime. Abbott responded by saying that rape is a crime and that the state will “work tirelessly” to “eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas” through aggressive police work and prosecution.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on the CNN show “Anderson Cooper 360” Tuesday evening and said that Abbott’s comments were “ignorant” and “disgusting. She added that the new Texas law was “informed” by rape culture and that Abbott wants to “have more control over a woman’s body” than “that person” has over themselves.

In her rambling comments, AOC referred to women as “persons” and “any person with a menstrual cycle” in a blatant show of conformity with her party’s dogma regarding women who are men.

Steven Crowder responded to AOC on his show Wednesday and tweeted out a video clip.

Crowder pointed out the absurdity of AOC and the left in general when they appealed to “Biology 101” as AOC did on Cooper’s show. Abortion advocates try to shame conservatives for being “ignorant” of how biology works while at the same time suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance regarding the basic understanding of what a woman is.

To fit women into the politically permitted framework of including men pretending to be women, AOC has to stumble through calling women by some generic concept of being simply “a person who menstruates.”

Crowder notes how the LGBTQ movement “reduces women to something superficial” that is functionally like changing “Barbie to be more realistic.” By deconstructing what a woman is into just components, biological parts with particular functions, AOC reveals the leftist vision of humanity as nothing more than livestock to be managed and produced in ways that satisfy the needs of the state.