Abbott Sends Texas Armored Vehicles To Border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is following up his reelection as governor of the Lone Star State earlier this month with aggressive actions to protect his citizens from the crisis created by the Biden administration at the state’s southern border with Mexico. Abbott has declared an invasion of his state is ongoing and has directed the Texas state military to send armored tank-like vehicles to troubled spots on the border.

A spokesperson for the Texas Military Department told reporters that the Texas National Guard (TNG) will send at least 10 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers to the border in the coming days.

Abbott posted a tweet on Monday that stated the state’s military service members “work side by side with the Texas Department of Public Safety & other law enforcement to stop illegal activities from crossing the Texas-Mexico border.”

Abbott added a message to the state’s service members: “Thank you for keeping our state safe.”

In a press statement issued on Monday, the Texas Military Department said that it has the resources needed to handle the border crisis and is prepared to take action.

The statement added that the state military’s upcoming deployments are “part of a larger strategy to use every available tool to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration.”

It added that the TNG is “taking unprecedented measures to safeguard our border and to repel and turn-back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally.”

Abbott declared a statewide emergency condition last week as the result of the ongoing invasion. The declaration reportedly provides the governor with special emergency powers under the Texas constitution.

Abbott said he also relied on the Invasion Clause of the U.S. Constitution to “fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.” The governor said he would explore all other legal options available, including executive orders and other constitutional authorities to “keep our state and country safe.”