A New Poll Has Thrown A Wrench in Biden’s 2024 Plans

From the way Joe Biden talks about the 2024 presidential election, one might think that he’s got glowing approval ratings and many accomplishments to be proud of since taking office.

Of course, as Americans are painfully aware, the opposite is true when it comes to the current president. Biden’s national disapproval rating surpasses five in ten.

Meanwhile, at the state level, the president is also carrying net negatives that will seriously derail his party members with elections coming up in the midterms.

Despite all of these problems and so many others, the president speaks with confidence about his plans to seek re-election. Apparently, Biden even informed his ex-boss, former President Obama, that he’s very much eager to run for re-election and face former President Trump again.

A new poll shows that few others share this outlook, as documented by PJ Media.

The Latest Horrible Poll For Biden

At this point, having terrible poll numbers is par for the course for this president. However, data from I&I/TIPP brings especially bad news to Biden.

When the public was questioned on which Democrat they’d like to see run for president in 2024, 28% told the pollster they were uncertain. This was then followed up by 19% who expressed support for Biden running again and 6% who wanted “other” Democrats to seek the Oval Office.

It’s not a good look for an incumbent president when fewer than two in ten Americans would like him to seek re-election. However, this data isn’t all that shocking. People of all different political views are dealing with more expensive prices, higher interest rates, growing crime, etc.

Meanwhile, Biden’s earned backlash from his own party for failing to follow through on student loan debt promises and working to rip down Title 42.

No matter what Biden is telling Obama or others close to him, he’s in extremely poor shape when it comes to re-election plans.

More Bad Polls For Biden’s 2024 Plans

As the president talks about his interest in running for a second term, he remains adamant that he’s the only Democrat who can beat Trump.

However, the polls don’t support this outlook, either. Multiple polls putting Trump against Biden have shown the former president leading his successor by six points or more.

It’s unclear where Biden is getting his information from or why he thinks he’s in a strong position for re-election. If the president were truly paying attention to the polls and overall sentiment from the American public, he’d realize just what poor shape he’s in.