A New California Healthcare Bill is Going to Change Everything

For many Americans, the state of California is becoming an increasingly unappealing place to call home. This is made evident by the state recently losing a seat in the US House of Representatives after mass residential departures.

This is far from the only issue facing the Golden State though. Recently, California state lawmakers were granted the opportunity to provide relief to residents by temporarily pausing the gas tax.

The California state legislature declined this opportunity. Instead, it actually chose to increase the overall taxes on gas. In doing this, the state legislature guaranteed its residents will be paying even more money at the pumps.

That’s not all the California state legislature is up to, though. It is currently projected to soon pass a so-called “medical misinformation” bill.

What to Know About California’s Soon-to-be-Law
The current legislation on track to becoming law in California deals with how healthcare workers approach coronavirus.

Under the current bill, surgeons or doctors who spread what the state deems as “disinformation or “misinformation” will face serious risks of having their medical licenses pulled.

In a nutshell, these medical providers will not be allowed to make claims about COVID that don’t align with California’s official state position. Of course, some of what the state constitutes as “misinformation” or “disinformation” is noting that certain risks do accompany vaccination.


Another goal of this bill is to crack down against medicines like ivermectin being encouraged by healthcare workers.

In fact, if the medical misinformation law passes as expected, ivermectin prescriptions for COVID will be outlawed in California altogether. That’s true even in cases where a patient may ask for this treatment to fight off COVID.

Highly Negative Responses From the Public
If the California state legislature expected positive public reactions to the medical misinformation bill, they may not want to view social media posts on the matter.

This legislation has been branded as creepy, intrusive, and destructive against healthcare in general. Many Twitter users even warned that once this bill becomes a law, California will officially be a police state.


One thing this law will do is definitely increase the role that the government plays in California residents’ healthcare. Across the nation, this doesn’t sit well with very many people, especially after the rise of heavy-handed government mandates since 2020.

Due to the strong Democratic control in California, it is all but a matter of time before these new restrictions become law for the state’s healthcare workers.