A “Misinformation” Sheriff May Soon Arrive in Connecticut

For months on end, Americans have been preaching day and night about “misinformation.” This term has been used not just in reference to information that genuinely turns out to be false, but also for speech that conflicts with left-wing narratives.

Earlier this year, Democrats and other leftists accused podcast host Joe Rogan of spreading misinformation. This was due to various guests who appeared on Rogan’s podcast, sharing narratives that strayed from widespread calls that everyone get vaccinated against COVID.

The White House, meanwhile, has called for social media to step up its game on censorship, all in the name of preventing “misinformation.”

Republicans have gone to great lengths in noting the danger of one side getting to be the arbiter of information Americans can access. Yet, in spite of these warnings, a “misinformation sheriff” could materialize in Connecticut very soon.

A Covert Strategy Ahead of the Midterms
In Connecticut, state officials are aiming to hire a misinformation sheriff as America gets closer to the November midterms.

The role of this sheriff would be to provide information about various voting options, along with cracking down against “misinformation,” namely pertaining to elections, on a full-time basis.

Thus far, the going rate for this position is $150,000 annually.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) remains fully on board with hiring a misinformation sheriff as well. According to the Connecticut governor, so-called “foreign actors” are spreading incorrect details that need to be combated.


It gets even more interesting, though. Once the state’s misinformation sheriff is fully installed, he or she will be directly working on “far-right” social media platforms to shut down premature “misinformation” before it becomes mainstream.

Part of this work will involve putting the squeeze on social media sites to remove content the misinformation sheriff deems as not acceptable.

A Systematic, Leftist Takeover of Social Media
Connecticut’s work to get a misinformation sheriff on the beat is not a coincidence. It follows the World Economic Forum calling for the restructuring of free speech on social media.

This initiative also comes after the White House endorsed more regulation on social networking platforms.


Conservatives and other free speech supporters have warned that a left-wing takeover of social media would have grave impacts on the Second Amendment. This is why red states like Florida and Texas have been working on legislation to prohibit social media censorship.