A Leading Gun Manufacturer is Now Facing a Lawsuit

Gun manufacturers, Second Amendment supporters, and others who cherish gun rights are frequently under attack.

More often than not, these attacks come from individuals or special interest groups with a vested interest in more gun control and, later down the line, total gun confiscation.

Anti-gun talking points generally involve referring to commonplace firearms as “weapons of war” or “assault weapons.” Just last month, Joe Ban called for the prohibition of popular 9mm handguns, falsely claiming they can eject human lungs from the body.

In the wake of multiple mass shootings, attacks on gun rights aren’t dying down. In fact, one popular gunmaker is now being sued.

A Deep Dive into the Lawsuit Against Glock Inc.
Glock is one of the most popular gun manufacturers in the United States; although, the company is currently facing a lawsuit from a New York woman who was shot in the city’s subway station back in April.

In this lawsuit, Glock is accused by Ilene Steur of underhanded distribution and marketing techniques that led to subway shooter Frank James getting ahold of a firearm. Months ago, James ended up shooting dozens of people in New York City’s subway station.


Steur maintains that because of this, Glock should provide financial compensation for the harm she endured after being shot.

Likewise, the plaintiff argues that Glock’s “oversaturation” of the US market with firearms increases the likelihood of criminal activity with these weapons.

This lawsuit comes as the National Rifle Association faced protesters outside of its annual convention in Houston, Texas last week. At the same time, Democrats across the nation are pushing for tighter gun restrictions.

Criticism Against the Lawsuit
Ilene Steur’s lawsuit against one of the country’s most popular gun manufacturers is steadily picking up traction, especially in today’s heated political climate.

Many people have suggested the lawsuit is frivolous, without merit, and politically motivated. It has renewed various debates about whether or not gun manufacturers ought to be held accountable if someone purchases their weapons and later commits a crime with them.


Other opinions state that unless the gun misfired, Steur doesn’t really have much of a case.

However, on the other side, gun control supporters have taken to social media, applauding the lawsuit Glock faces. People who oppose gun rights have also openly expressed their support for more legal action against the nation’s gun manufacturers.