A California College Sued For Discriminating Against Conservatives

For years on end, various colleges have been accused of treating conservatives unfairly. Although higher education institutions previously maintained a reputation for being supportive of free thought and open expression, times have changed.

These days, conservative college students are reporting being ostracized by their peers and even targeted by teachers. Online videos of college students with MAGA hats or right-wing laptop stickers being harassed have gone viral as well.

Now, in California, one college is actually being sued for outright discrimination against conservatives.

Reviewing the Lawsuit Against Clovis Community College
In 2021 and at Clovis Community College, students with the conservative Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) organization put up flyers that promoted the November Freedom Week event.

However, administrators with the college didn’t care for these flyers. In December, they ordered students with YAF to remove them. Now, these conservatives are suing Clovis Community College administrators on the basis of their violating the First Amendment.

Additional aspects of the lawsuit note that Clovis Community College prohibited students with YAF from putting up pro-life flyers. This, too, is being asserted as a violation of the conservatives’ First Amendment rights.

Students with YAF remain adamant that school administrators can’t be allowed to pick and choose which students have access to free speech and which students don’t.

In this lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking both punitive and monetary damages. As the litigation plays out, YAF students are also pushing for an injunction that stops the college from banning their flyers.

Terrible Timing For Higher Education
While Clovis Community College stands accused of violating students’ free speech rights, enrollments in higher education remain on a decline. Situations like this one aren’t exactly making the case for people to attend colleges or universities either.

Another factor working against higher education enrollment levels is student loans.

To this very day, many Americans are struggling to pay back the loans and interest they’ve accrued from getting degrees. More people are deciding that digging themselves into financial holes for college degrees just is not a worthwhile deal.

Students associated with YAF have also pointed out the problems with Clovis Community College attempting to shut down ideas, rather than encouraging open debates and dialogues.